1. Surface: Glossy White                    
2. Length x Width: 2440mm x 1220 mm
3. Thickness: 3mm 







  • Baking Finish  : Polyester series baking finish. Coating Thickness over 13 micron.
  • Aluminum Plate :  JIS H4000 A3004P/A3104P Double side cleansing and chromate treatment. (Thickness 0.1mm)
  • Core Material :  Foamed polyethylene resin. Gravity 0.68.
  • Environmentally Friendly Material : Abolished  chrome chemical compound from coating compound.


1. Ultra Light Weight
  • 2.04kg/㎡ – 50% light as compared to the conventional product(4.5kg/㎡).
  • Easy fabrication and installation at site.
2. High Endurance and Water Resistance
  • High weather-ability Polyester resin backed coating on Aluminum sheet gives excellent durability, corrosion resistance, pollution resistance and abrasion resistance.
  • Independent foaming resin core provide excellent water resistant and it can be used for field standing signage.
3. Excellent Elongation
  • 0.48 mm/m Expansion/Contraction Rate of 20 degree temperature change as compared to the conventional product (2.4mm/mm).
  • Laminated with Aluminum sheet on both side provide almost same coefficient of liner expansion with aluminum Tolerant material of temperature changes.
4. Flat & Smooth
  • Japanese Original laminate technology provides panels combining high rigidity with extreme smoothness and excellent printing quality .
5. Good Processability
  • High quality core material can be cut easily by hand cutter.


1. Store Signage
2. Field Standing Signage
3. Construction Signage